How to do perfect Smokey cat eye Makeup

How to do perfect Smokey cat eye Makeup

Smokey Cat eye makeup is very classic eye look that can be hard to get perfect. What makes eye makeup tricky is that your best application and placement may change depending on your beautiful eye shape, so it is very important how to do a perfect Smokey eye makeup. It’s a very popular eye makeup style that is usually created in darker hues but can easily be done in different brighter colors that are trending right now for spring and summer season. We say spring since it isn’t totally summer yet, but in Los Angeles it certainly feels like it easily could be done. There are many kind of Smokey cat eye makeup such as, white cat with blue eyes, black cat with blue eyes, cats with blue eyes, cat with big eyes, cat pink eye, black cat with green eyes, cat watery eye, grey cat with blue eyes, feline eyes, cats eyes dilated, cat swollen eye, black cat with yellow eyes etc.Here are some Important steps of Smokey cat eye makeup.

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1st step: Prime your Eyes

It is very necessary to prime your eyes before creating a Smokey cat eye makeup. For this purpose you can use a best company primer Otherwise, your eye shadows and your eyeliner are likely to wear off throughout all day. So, before you start laying down the rest of your perfect eye makeup, so you can apply a thin layer of primer to your eye lids.

2nd step: Place eye makeup Tape

Place a piece of tape perfectly, with one end at the outer corner of your eye and the other at the long tail of your eyebrow. The tape will serve as a great stencil of sorts, helping to keep your eye makeup in your desired shape.

3rd step: Apply Skin-Toned Eye Shadow

Now the time to apply eyeshadow all over your eyes. You can apply dark eye shadow instead of light eyeshadow. This will help the rest of your eye shadows blend very better, making the extra step well worth it. Choose also the shade that most closely according to your skin tone from the L’Oréal Paris Eyeshadow Palette and apply it from your lid up to your eyebrow eye bone.

4th step: Blend Grey or black Tones

In this step Place your lighter gray on the inner half corner of your eyelids, and the darker gray or black on the outer half, being sure to blend them together in the middle area of eyes. When you’re satisfied with the best way they fade into one another, don’t put your eye shadow blending brush down just yet. Blend your eye shadows at the crease line too for a smoky effect.

5th step: Smoke Out the Lower Lash Line area

Let’s you can’t leave your lower lash line totally free. Bring the darker black eye shadow down, smudging it against your lower lashes area.

6th step: Brighten Your Inner Corner eye area

In this step you can Wearing dark colors can make your eyes look smaller. For an eye-opening effect area, you’ll want to highlight the inner area of your eyes.

7th step: Put cat eye Line on Your Eyes—and Wing it also

Now, you can push all your shadows aside and pick up the L’Oréal Paris liquid Eyeliner in Black. Line along your upper lash line area, then add a long wing. Once again, you can easily use the tape as a guide to ensure your cat eye stays very sharp.

8th step: Finish this cat eye look with Mascara

Your look won’t be complete without a heavy coat or two of mascara. Curl your eyelashes, then sweep on a great couple of coats of the L’Oréal Paris Mascara in Mystic Black for lashes with lots of length and eye body.

9th step: complete Smokey cat eye look

According to all of this steps you can easily make Smokey cat eye. You can choose different eye shadow to create all kind of Smokey cat eye look.


In this post we covered all important steps about cat smokey eye makeup.We hope these all steps will be very helpful for your information about cat eye smokey eye look.There are many types of smokey cat eye makeup such as black cat, white cat with blue eyes, black cat with blue eyes, cats with blue eyes, black cat with green eyes etc, But its all depend on people choices.

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