Pepper Companion Plants | MIM

Pepper Companion Plants Companion planting in the garden may serve a range of purposes, which range from maximizing backyard space to bringing beneficial insects and pollinators to luring insect pests apart from other food crops. Here are a few excellent options for companion plants. In this post we will tell … Read more

Potato Companion Plants | MIM

Potato Companion Plants There are many types of potato companion plants. We will show some interesting facts about potato companion plants. Have you any idea about potatoes companion plants or planting. There are many types and benefits of potato companion planting. Companion planting is a time-tested gardening method that protects … Read more

Parsley Companion Plants | MIM

Parsley Companion Plants In this post we will share some interesting ideas and facts about Parsley Companion Plants. Have you any ideas about parsley Companion Plants. Parsley is a really common herb among anglers. A timeless garnish with so many dishes, so it’s particularly beneficial to have readily available, also … Read more

Pumpkin Companion Plants | MIM

PUMPKIN COMPANION PLANTS Do you want to know about Pumpkin Companion Plants? Have you any idea about Pumpkin Companion Plants? Side by side many people want to grow pumpkin companion plants. Because, Pumpkins are such friendly appearing gourds, aren’t they? It’s hard to not smile whenever you see these adorning … Read more

Onions Companion Plants |MIM

Onions Companion Plants What is the meaning of Onions Companion Plants? Do you have any idea about Onions Companion Plants? Companion planting is possibly the easiest organic Method to Encourage health and growth on your garden. Simply by placing certain plants alongside to the others, you’re able to naturally repel … Read more

Cucumber Companion Plants |MIM

Cucumber Companion Plants Have you any Idea about Cucumber Companion Plants? There are many method of Cucumber Companion Plants. Because, Cucumbers are a rather exuberant crop with blossoms that will sprawl over a lot of distance –the more fit the cucumber plant, the more space they appear to consume. But … Read more

Strawberry Companion Plants |MIM

Strawberry Companion Plants What is the meaning of Strawberry Companion Plants? Do you have any idea about Strawberry Companion Plants? Companion planting includes a very long, storied heritage. Individuals have noticed benefits (and pitfalls) if certain plant species have been grown close together for centuries, and lots of books are … Read more


TOMATO COMPANION PLANTS Tomatoes Are one of the most popular plants to grow in your home garden, sometimes with less than desired outcomes. To improve your own yields, you might take to companion planting to berries. Fortunately, there are lots of suitable tomato plant companions. If you’re new to companion … Read more


WHAT IS COMPANION PLANTING? Companion planting, or inter-cropping, is planting many different plants with each other to grow growth productivity. For example, mint can help you in the event that you have an ant problem. Lavender will attract bees, but it will repel other germs. Some plants flourish more successfully … Read more

Top 5 Most Beautiful Aquatic Flowers in the World

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Aquatic Flowers in the World Are you live aquatic flower? Have you seen these flowers? How about seeing a small pond or lake with full of different beautiful flowers? Probably such a super sight will leave you breathless. That’s the great magic of aquatic flowers. They … Read more

GARDENING: Best Tips and Instructions about Gardening

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GARDENING: Best Tips and Instructions about Gardening Are you like gardening or planting some flowers? Are you have any thinking about gardening? Follow gardening tips and instructions are given according to your budget. Gardening is a super and interesting hobby to take up it gets you outside, burning fat and … Read more

FLOWERS: A great list of different beautiful garden flower

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FLOWERS: A great list of different beautiful garden flower Are you know any type of flower which you can grow in your home garden? Are you have any garden flower ideas? The following given list of beautiful flowers will help you to choose just which permanent plants you want to … Read more