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Jessica Alba Honest Company

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Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and well-known women. She gained a consistent following as a leading lady on-screen, as well as a model and a successful businesswoman, after starring in James Cameron’s “Dark Angel” in 2000 at the age of 19. She’s also a big advocate of homosexual rights and has done a lot of charitable work in the previous ten years. So, what are her winning strategies? After her daughter Honor was born, she started her own business.

Owner of the Honest Company

Actress turned entrepreneur Jessica Alba co-founded the nontoxic-household-goods startup The Honest Company in 2011. The company was initially an online subscription service for baby wipes and diapers but is now selling more than 100 items. Honest has raised $100 million with the time of a $1.7 billion valuation in 2015.

CEO of the Honest Company

Nick Vlahos is an American businessman and head of the executive team at The Honest Company. Vlahos was previously the vice president of Burt’s Bees and chief operating officer for The Clorox Company.

Investment in the Honest Company

Alba created the company back in 2011, with the aim to make clean living more accessible. Ten years later she’s raking in an amount that is honest to be her own. According to the filings of the regulatory agencies, Alba holds more than 5.6 million shares in the company, with 1.4 million stock options which are due to be exercised this month.

According to the proxy of Honest Company, Alba was paid nearly $8 million in 2021 the majority of which came being an investment of $6 million. Alba also earned the benefit of a 563,077 pay package as well as an $1.4 million in bonus.

Revenue of the Honest Company

Honest Company has over $306 million in revenue, and currently maintains income loss of $48.8 million.

Honest Company Products

The Honest Company indicates the high interest in our products and efficiencies generated Honest products may not be 100 100% natural-they all have a mix of synthetic ingredients, however in the majority of cases, these are synthetics that appear to be secure. Certain ingredients don’t have safety information available (sodium lauroyl oat amino acids for instance). 

A SNEAKY: Honest Hand Wash contains Phenoxyethanol. The Honest Company, the beauty, bath and home goods company established by Jessica Alba — went public in the beginning of May 2021. The company is growing. The company’s stock ended trading on the first day of its Initial public sale at $23 per shares, which is well over the initial $16 value.

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