How to do Smokey Eye Makeup step by step?

How to do Smokey Eye Makeup step by step?

Now days Women or girls, always want to do the same make-up which is in trend, and nowadays a Smokey look is the most interesting trend for every girl eyes.Smokey means the beautiful appearance of shades of color around the eyes, which makes your eyes look most beautiful on your face.

If you do not like to do heavy makeup, still you can look beautiful in minutes by making your Smokey eyes, without doing heavy makeup.

Nowadays, Smokey Eye makeup in too much trend. In this post, you will learn how to do Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step. Come and let’s know How to make your simple eyes into Smokey eyes?

Things that you will need for Smokey eye makeup

To create Smokey eye makeup you will need some important things such as:

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup on Eyes?

There are many interesting steps to create Smokey eyes which are given below for your help! According to these steps you will able to make beautiful look.

1st step: Apply Primer

To make the long lasting Smokey Eye Makeup, You should apply a light primer on the eyes. After applying it, spread it above the eyes area and to your eyebrows. Use of primer you will satisfy your eye makeup.

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2nd step: Apply Concealer

Before giving a Smokey look to your eyes, apply concealer so that the dark circles and puffiness around your eyes do not shine separately. Always select the light shade of the concealer. Smokey makeup can be easily applied to the eyes after applying perfect concealer.

3rd step: Apply compact Powder

If you have selected the black, brown, or gray color for your Smokey Eye makeup, then use the compact powder before applying them on the eyes.

4th step: Apply Eye Shadow

For Smokey eye makeup, always choose light-colored eye shadow base then other dark color. Apply it between the corners of your eyes and the lower eyelids with the help of an eyeshadow brush. After applying your eye shadow on the eyelids area, gently spread it very well. This gives a complete best Smokey look to the eyes.

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5th step: Apply Eyeliner

To make the eyes look more attractive, apply dark eyeliner between the eyelids of your eyes and use black eyeliner pencil for the bottom eyelid. To improve the Smokey eye look, make strokes from the one to other side of the eyes.

6th step: Apply Mascara

At the end time for the finishing touch. To give a final beautiful touch to the Smokey look, do not forget to apply thick mascara on the eyelashes.

What type of brushes you can use for Smokey eye?

There are some brush that are used for Smokey eye look!

  • Blending brush
  • Pointed smudge brush
  • Flat concealer
  • Angled blending brush
  • Eye brow brush

How to choose the color for Smokey eye makeup?

If you’re creating a best gradient Smokey eye look make sure to have many different colors on your hand from the same color family to complete your desire look. For example, if you’re doing a dark purple Smokey eye look, you’re going to want at least three different variations of purple (a dark, medium, and a light color) to complete your eye look. You’ll also always want to have a highlighter or a best beauty base shade on hand for highlighting under the eye brow bone and in the inner crease of your eyes, also known as the “v” sign.


This post highlights all process about creating smokey eye makeup.Because every girl want to create a different beauty look of smokey eye from other girls So, we covered all necessary things about all type of smokey eye step by step.

If you feel that we missed some points about this post you can easily mention in comment box section!

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