BIRDS: Top 8 Most Beautiful Birds in the World

BIRDS: Top 8 Most Beautiful Birds in the World

Which is the top most beautiful bird in the world? Who could easily can answer this question? Nobody, can because, majority of birds all over the world are beautiful. However, some different species definitely have great features which could outrank to the rest. Here the list of 8 top most beautiful birds in the world. Animal life is classified into two vertebrates and non-vertebrates. In vertebrates, we have a type of amphibians, different reptiles, birds, etc.

All about birds, they can be classified as the living being which is:

Feathers, metabolic rate, Beak with no teeth, and other Laying hard-shelled eggs.

They have a great four-chambered heart and they are can light or heavy weight but they have a strong and top skeleton. Take a look at the range of most beautiful birds list that we may not know about it.

There are a list of top 8 great beautiful birds of world such as:


The details of these birds are given below passage:


The general names of this bird is the peacock which is kept as both pet and sometime wild bird. There are two different Asiatic species blue used for Indian peafowl also originally from Britain, Indian and Sri Lanka, other type are from Burma which have green color.The specific feature of this bird is their sweet eye spots. Peacocks are very great birds that always amaze us.

  • Peafowl is known as omnivores.
  • The body of peacock is the mixture of brown, yellow and dull grey color.
  • These are also pets.
  • The have both sexes.
  • The family name of peafowl is called Bevy.
  • They can fly at the top of sky.
  • There are found in four major color such as, yellow, blue, green and white.
  • They can eat small flower petals, some parts of plants, and seed heads or dead insects.


Penguin always belongs to a species of Sphenisciformes. The scientific name of penguin is Spheniscidae.

  •     In the heavy water, it can fly or dive at a speed of 12- 13 km/h.
  •     Total Body weight of penguin is about 41kg.
  •     Height for child penguins is about 38 cm.
  •     Height for adult penguins is about 49 to 54cm.
  •     Height for old age penguins is about 1.6-1.9m.
  •     Life span of every penguin is 20 to 23 years.


They always want to live near large rivers for eat fish, old dragonflies, frogs, different bees, reptiles. Their nests are in high cavities; artificial banks, rivers or ground.

Kingfisher belongs to the family of SAlcedinidae and has 2 sub Categorized like Cerylidae, or SAlcedinidae, Halcyonidae. Their favorite diet are prey and wide fish.

  •     There are total 80 to 90 species of kingfishers.
  •     Kingfisher has a high head, very sharp, pointed and long bills with a short legs.
  •     These can be seen in forests of U.S.A and tropical regions.
  •     Average weight of king fisher is about 11g.
  •     Total length of adult king fisher is about 49 cm.
  •     Large king fisher has weight 460 g and length 60 cm.
  •     The body mass of most kingfishers is so bright, with green and blue color.
  •     They have eggs with white and glossy color.
  •     They lay 13 and average of 4 to 9 eggs.
  •     Incubation period is both.


Eagles are called large powerfully bird of prey with long beak and heavy head. Most eagles are greater than the vultures. Eyes of eagles are much powerful; it has 5.6 times human acuity for other marital eagle. The nest are also called eyries and are created at tall trees and high.

An eagle’s abdomen cavity is too short, similar to a little dry walnut. However, eagles will eat up to 1/6 of their own weight in their own food. The adult eagle can easily carry out weight about 1/5 to its weight. Although eagles have the ability to kill prey, over their own small size, eagles can only hold tightly a big number of many things.

Fish is the favorite food for eagles but they also want to eat small rabbits, squirrels, mammals, and raccoons. Eagles need average 6 pound daily. As food could not available daily, they have ability to save food up to 5 pounds in nests to eat in rainy seasons, allowing them to live without finding food per every day. Eagles belongs to the family of Accipitridae. They have 20 species.


  • The length of swift is 12 cm- 26 cm.
  • Child comes out from Eggs after 25 days.
  • These are incubated by male and female.
  • Swift can cover distance of 300,000 km in one year.
  • They have the large flexibility of changing their rotation during flying.
  • They can rotate both wings from wings base.
  • Swift birds can fly about 180 km/h.
  • Swift has large wing and top bones.

Most of Swifts want to eat insects, such as ants, flies, bees and wasps. They are belongs with family of Apodaca.


Their general food is sugar water, pollen, tree sap, fruit, flower nectar. Clutch size contains about 2 to 5 eggs. Young starts can fly in 20-30 days. Their Nests in trees.

These are the so smallest birds which range from 8 to 11 cm. These are also known as hummingbirds because when their large wings can flap, just before flying, a sweet humming sound is made. They can fly and can rotate in all directions.

  • Hummingbird is belongs to the family of Trochilidae.
  • Their Scientific name of this bird is Trochilidae.
  • Humming bird is a great small bird.
  • Hummingbirds are great migratory.


The original name is Pisidia and it belongs to a family of Pisidia in different countries. They mostly live in some parts of New Zealand, Madagascar, and Australia and other Regions. Their favorite food is small insects and old dead trees.

  • There are about 350 species.
  • Their nest contains 4-7 eggs.
  • They want to live alone because they live happy when they alone.
  • The total length of Woodpeckers ranges from 10 in to 11 inches.
  • They can peck 30 times per each second.
  • Woodpeckers are often found in red, grey, black, white and yellow colors.


Scarlet macaws are also known as high loud parrots. They make many types of voices such as squawks, and sometimes screeches. Their diet always consists of fruits, seeds, nuts and insects. With the high, curved beak, they can easily torn into pieces of their foods.

Scarlet macaw is the most beautiful and greatest member of macaw family. Their habitat in evergreen forests across west and South Africa. They are famous for their colorful body. They have bright red or blue back. Their front wings are with color of yellow. The strong, and curved beak is another great feature of these birds. Its upper larger part is white and the tip is grey or black. An adult macaw has a length of 90-120 cm and weighs up to3.5 kg. They are excellent speed of 40 mph. Scarlet macaws also live for much time. They have a lifespan of 50 to 55 years. It is often said that the scarlet macaws can live up to 70 years.


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