Jessica Alba Tattoos & Their Meanings

Celebrities love to decorate their bodies with unique tattoos. Some of these are subtle enough that you won’t notice them initially. For example, Jessica Alba doesn’t like putting her tattoos on display. But is it because she doesn’t have any?

Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress who is also a hotshot businesswoman. Multifarious gold stars have been awarded to her acting. She also received the Choice Actress Teen Choice Award, Saturn Award for Best Actress in Television, and a Golden Globe recommendation. We are familiar with four of her tattoos. Let’s look at them all and their meanings.

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Jessica Alba has many tattoos. But She regrets some of the tattoos were used to mark her body. This is not true for every tattoo she has ever had. Her latest threat is close to home.

Jessica Alba isn’t a big fan of ink compared to other celebrities, but she still has some tattoos.

Although it was a “bonding experience” for her aunt and mother, she did not seem to like the tattoo much later on in life.

1. Jessica Alba Hip Tattoo

She has a trendy bow tattoo on her upper torso. The low waist tattoo is especially noticeable when she wears crop tops. Because men rarely carry bows, they are considered a very feminine symbol. Because there aren’t many designs that are clearly for women, this makes a bow tattoo flake.

2. Jessica Alba Shoulder Tattoo

Jessica has a rose tattoo on her bicep. The rose is a symbol of equity and balance. This flower’s charm embodies hope, assurance, and breaking the ice. It is in contrast to the thorns, which symbolize aegis and trouble. The sketch outline is used to ink the tattoo. It shows her fitness.

3. Jessica Alba Sanskrit Tattoo on Wrist

Jessica Alba has inked Sanskrit on her right wrist. The Padma”. The Padma in Sanskrit means the lotus flower.

4. Jessica Alba Neck Tattoo

Jessica Alba had flowers inked around her neck. Jessica Alba, her aunt, and her mother all had tattoos. However, Jessica wasn’t happy with hers. So, in 2009, she began laser tattoo removal in an attempt to remove this tattoo.

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