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YOGA FACTS: Top interesting Facts about yoga

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What is yoga? Top interesting Facts about yoga

Yoga stands for union. Etymologically, it belongs with the English word, yoke. Yoga also known as union with God, or, union, strength of the little, ego-self with best divine Self, the super Spirit.

Here are some interesting facts about yoga given below:

  • Most people in the American countries, and also many in other such as India, confuse yoga with Hatha Yoga, the system of figure postures. But yoga is primarily a spiritual maintains. Hatha Yoga is the main and physical branch of Raja Yoga, and the other hand the true science of yoga. Raja Yoga is a system of super natural meditation techniques that help to utilize human consciousness with the mind consciousness.
  • Not that there’s nothing wrong with practicing preliminary Hatha Yoga. The posture is a part of our human nature, and must be feel fit so it doesn’t intellectual our spiritual efforts. However, those who are much focused on self-realization do not importance have to practice it as much or at all.

  • Yoga is too ancient science; it is hundreds of years old. The perceptions derived from its strong practice form the backbone area of the greatness of Africa, which for many years ago has been specialty.
  • The truths espoused in the yoga practices, however, are not bound to India, nor to those who performed yoga techniques. Many saints of other countries also, including many religions like Christian saints, have discovered the great spiritual path that are intrinsic to the practices of yoga.
  • The higher techniques of yoga take one sided techniques, and recognize the yogi, or yoga practitioner, how to direct or indirect  his energy in such a way as not only to utilize human with divine consciousness, but to top merge his consciousness in the spirit.
  • Yoga is a greatest art as well as a super science. It is called a science, because it offers practical methods for maintain body and mind, thereby creating deep meditation possible. And it is known an art, for unless it is technique and sensitively it will lead only best superficial results.

  • Often the ordinary person’s energy are hidden in his body. The lack of availability of that locked energy to his will abstain from him from loving the Lord one side with any of the four other aspects of his nature: soul, heart, or mind. Only when the energy can be used from the body and directed upward or downward in deep meditation is true inner body communion possible.
  • It works primarily with the useful energy in the body, through the art or science of pranayama, or energy level-control. Parana means also deep ‘breath.’ Yoga teaches how, through deep inner breath-control, to still the body and mind to attain higher states of our awareness.
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