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The True Detective Season 2 Cast

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The True Detective Season 2 Cast

In this article we will show True Detective Season 2 cast list. True Detective Season 2 was very interesting and helpful for every person. True Detective Season 2 are very authentic. The anthology series goes forward into its second season as a traditional Californian noir crime thriller/mystery – a mysterious, spiritual occult crime cop play conspiring around the development of a high speed rail program.

In True Detective Season 2, An odd murder brings together three law-enforcement officers along with a career criminal, each of whom have to navigate a web of betrayal and conspiracy at the scorched landscapes of California. Colin Farrell is Ray Velcro, a compromised detective at the all-industrial Town of Vinci, LA County. Rachel McAdams is Ani Bezzerides, a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective frequently at odds with the system she functions, while Taylor Kitsch plays Paul Woodrush, a war veteran and motorcycle cop to the California Highway Patrol who finds a crime scene that triggers an investigation involving three law enforcement teams, multiple criminal collusions, and billions of dollars.

‘True Detective’ is composed and made by Nic Pizzolatto. The first two of this season’s eight episodes will be directed by Justin Lin.

True Detective had it: Cinematic style, courtesy of manager Cary Fukunaga; an ambitious script, by creator Nic Pizzolatto; and, Most Importantly, it’d Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.


McConaughey was in the middle of his huge resurge, winning his first Oscar that same year, while Harrelson was a two-time Oscar nominee who had largely been working on The Hunger Games. Their gritty, angst-driven performances made a flood of awards-season nods and gave the HBO anthology show a specific pedigree–and a reputation for a career-booster, so to speak.

is season, which kicks off on Sunday, is one of the most hyped premieres in current memory, also raises an important question: How does True Detective possibly top? The answer, it would appear, is to craft four tormented characters with gifted, underused actors to play themColin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn. But which of the four leads is probably to receive his or her own McConaissance? Here, meet the profoundly distressed cast of characters–each more tortured than the past –and then decide for yourself.

Vince Vaughn

Role: Career criminal

Vices: Blackmail, fighting, general crime, intimidation approaches

Problems: Fertility troubles, double-mortgages, lingering trauma from being locked in a dark basement in the age five by his alcoholic dad, where rats chewed on his hands (the usual)

Backstory: Frank is an L.A. crime lord, attempting to go clean by investing in real estate together a proposed high-speed California railway. Things go awry when one of his company partners turns up dead, and also the five million dollars Frank left with him for the investment goes lost. Debts are known as in, dangers issued, and national issues ensue.

Emmy minute: Putting a mouthy lackey in his place using a bare-handed fistfight, then ripping out his golden grillz with pliers.

Ray Velcoro

Played by: Colin Farrell

Role: City of Vinci detective

Vices: Drinking, fighting, alcoholic, more drinking

Issues: A messy custody battle with his ex-wife, strained relationships with his son as well as retired cop dad, extreme anger difficulties, undesirable criminal relations

Backstory: Velcoro is a great cop turned poor, forced to do Frank’s dirty work later he helped him track down his wife’s rapist twelve years before. Wracked by guilt and resentment, his one redeeming characteristic is that he enjoys his son–who might have been born from that rape–although his parenting instincts are misguided, at best.

Emmy moment: Beating his son’s bully’s daddy in the face–using brass knuckles, possibly coked up–while still creating the kid watch.

Ani Bezzerides

Played by: Rachel McAdams

Role: L.A. County sheriff’s detective

Vices: Cocaine, gaming, smoking (e-cigs!) , drinking, sex

Issues: An estranged family, a creepy cult leader–esque father, a cam girl sister, commitment issues, overall angst, the name Antigone

Backstory: Raised in a commune by her New Age hippie dad, whom she deeply resents, Ani is a stickler for following the rules–she retains a copy of Hagakure on her kitchen counter but often falls short. According to her sister Athena, a former drug addict turned Internet sex performer, Ani looks like “erasers clapping” if she walks.

Emmy minute: Getting drunk at a casino, gaming, and getting thrown from bouncers, whom she proceeds to reverse off.

Paul Woodrugh

Role: California state highway bike patrol officer

Vices: Extreme speeds, motorbikes, possible pill popping up

Issues: An uncomfortable relationship with his mom (with a subtle herpes sore), PTSD-like symptoms, devotion issues, sexual hang-ups, suicidal tendencies.

Backstory: An army veteran, who may have been part of a Blackwater-type army contractor, Paul is placed on paid leave, after an actress asserts he solicited a blow job on patrol. At night, he puts on his bicycle and drives more than 200 mph headlights off, and can be repressing a few things, to say the least.

Emmy minute: A tense confrontation with a former military buddy–using somewhat romantic overtones–that leads to an angsty retreat.

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