Tourist attraction in Egypt

Tourist attraction in Egypt

There are many Tourist attractions in Egypt. Egypt, a country connecting northeast Africa with the Middle East, has been a favorite tourist destination among people from all over the world for ages. land of majestic pyramids, majestic mosques and the majestic Pyramids, Egypt is a land replete with some of the most striking tourist attractions. Cairo tourist attraction, sightseeing in Egypt, Cairo sightseeing, Luxor sightseeing, Alexandria in Egypt are most common and famous tourist attraction in Egypt. Many Egyptologists and archaeologists hold the opinion that Egypt was formed on the rift area between Africa and Asia. The fertile Nile River Valley is home to many ancient monuments including Giza’s massive Pyramids and Great Sphinx, as well as Luxor’s great Hieroglyphic Karnak Temple.

Unique Things in Egypt

Hurghada is another unique thing to be seen in Egypt. It is a wonderful place for an explorer looking for rare antiquities. The places like the City of Light, National Museum, and the Sphinx of Giza can be visited along with its hotels. The most attractive tourist attraction in  Hurghada is the 90-meter-high Bab Sharqi River that offers amazing views of the city and countryside. Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is home to numerous monuments, temples, museums and other monuments. The main railway station of Egypt is the Cairo International Airport, which connects the east and west by air and with shipping containers. The busy season is generally from October to February. Hotels in Egypt are aplenty but it is advisable to do a thorough research before booking rooms in Egypt.

Best places in Egypt

Tourist attractions in Egypt are numerous and one can spend weeks and even months in this beautiful place. The Red Sea coast is the second largest sea beach in the world. It is an ideal place for families to spend their holiday. Some of the popular resorts in Egypt are Dokki oasis, Hurghada Beach, and the Sharm El Sheikh resort. Other unique things to be seen in Egypt are ancient monasteries and cathedrals. Alexandria is the capital of Egypt. It is also one of its major commercial centers. This place is well known for its historical monuments like the Alexandrian Fortress, Saint Nicholas Church and St. Catherine’s Monastery. Tourist spots in Alexandria include Museum of Natural History, National Gallery, Ancient Egyptian Museum.

Alexandria is home to an abundance of historic buildings. One of them is the Papyrus Museum that houses one of the oldest copies of papyrus. Another unique thing to be seen in Alexandria are the magnificent Pyramids of Giza. The great benefit of visiting this place is that there are many cheap hotels and cheap Egypt hotels that can be rented as well.

Other tourist attraction in Egypt

The Red Sea port at Jordon is another popular tourist attraction in Egypt. Many big cruise lines use this port for their cruise tours. The hotels and resorts in Jordon are reasonably priced. This place is popular among both Egyptian nationals and tourists from other nations.

LUXOR is also a tourist attraction in Egypt. Tourists come to this place from all over the world for experiencing this wonderful tourist place. One of the best things to see in Luxor is the Temple of Hatshepsut. Another tourist place worth visiting is the town of Slumdog Millionaire. Hurghada is a tourist attraction in Egypt, which has a picturesque view. This is a place also popular with the locals and tourists alike. This is a place known for its sandy beaches and many water sports. The sea resorts of Hurghada are very popular. Hurghada is another well-known tourist attraction in Egypt. Situated in the north of the country, it is renowned for its sandy beaches. It is a place frequented by many tourists from across the world. There are various hotels in Hurghada, both luxurious and budget hotels. The best time to visit Hurghada is between December and March or between April and May.

Egypt facts

The city of Aswan is popular for its historical buildings and monuments. This is one of the best places for having an exciting holiday experience. The hotels and resorts in Aswan are quite expensive but affordable. The ancient site of Quseir can be visited by those who want to have an adventurous tour. This is a place that is also known for its archaeological finds. This place is also very popular among the locals of Aswan and other parts of the country. This place is also one of the famous tourist places in Egypt. The museum and the theatre of Quseir are worth visiting.

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