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Sofia Pernas was born on 31 July 1981 in Fes, Morocco. She saw many different arenas before finally settling in Los Angeles. Pernas initially thought she would be a reporter, but her life was reshaped when she was approached by a modeling agent and later an appearance agent. Pernas’s unique look can be attributed to her Galician father and a Moroccan mother.

She is a star in The Brave. She was five years old when she moved to the USA. After being scouted, she switched to modeling and performing. She also appeared on Jane the Virgin, a CW telenovela with Justin Baldoni and Gina Rodriguez. In NBC’s “The Brave,” she plays Hannah Rivera, a member of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

A modeling agent helps her to get started. Then, in Los Angeles, she settled down to pursue acting. She was first seen in the 2009 film The Immortal Voyage to Captain Drake as Isabella Drake. In 2011, she played the role of Marine First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores in a CBS NCIS episode with two elements. She played Engaged in component 2 of NCIS Episode 2, Engaged. In 2011, she began dating Christian Kane, a television actor.
In June 2012, I will be modeling for Viva Glam Magazine. She can speak English, Spanish, Arabic, and German.

In This post we will mentioned some facts about Sofia Pernas measurements.

Sofia Pernas Personal Details

  • Date of Birth: 31st July 1989
  • Full Born Name: Sofia Pernas
  • Nick Names: Sofia
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Birthplace: Fes, Morocco
  • Nationality: Moroccan
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Sofia Pernas Net Worth: 2 Millions (2021)
  • Father Name:  Arnie Anderson
  • Mother Name: Conchata Ferrel
  • Siblings name: Brie Bella, JJ Garcia
  • Boyfriend: Justin Hartley, Christian Kane (2011 -2013)
  • Spouse: Justin Hartley
  • Children: Not known

Sofia Pernas Measurements

  • Sofia Pernas Measurements: 36-25-36 inches
  • Sofia Pernas Hip Size: 36 inches
  • Sofia Pernas Waist Size: 25 inches
  • Sofia Pernas Breast size: 36 inches
  • Sofia Pernas Bra Size: 32-B
  • Sofia Pernas Cup Size: B
  • Sofia Pernas Breast Surgery: Natural Breasts
  • Sofia Pernas Body Type: Curvy Body
  • Sofia Pernas Height: 5 feet 7 in or 168 cm
  • Sofia Pernas Weight: 130 Pounds or 59 KG (In 2021)
  • Sofia Pernas Eye Color: Light Brown
  • Sofia Pernas Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Sofia Pernas Skin Color: White
  • Sofia Pernas Shoe Size: 8.5 (US), 40 (EU)
  • Sofia Pernas Dress Size: 8 (US), 36 (EU)

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Interesting Questions About Sofia Pernas

Sofia Pernas makes part of Hollywood’s next generation of great actresses. Do you know enough about Sofia Pernas now? How old is Sofia Pernas now? How much does Sofia Pernas weight? Who is Sofia Pernas? How tall is Sofia Pernas? Did Sofia Pernas go to college? Is Sofia Pernas in a relationship? Take these questions and answers to learn some more fun facts about Sofia Pernas.

Who is Sofia Pernas?

Sofia Pernas is an American Professional Actress and Model.

What is the body measurements of Sofia Pernas?

Sofia Pernas body measurements is 36-25-36 inches.

What is Net worth of Sofia Pernas?

Sofia Pernas is an American Actress who has net worth 2 million dollars in 2021.

What is the birth place of Sofia Pernas?

The birth place of Sofia Pernas is Fes, Morocco.

What is Sofia Pernas Cup Size?

Sofia Pernas Cup Size is B.

What is the Zodiac Sign of Sofia Pernas?

Sofia Pernas zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is the Husband name of Sofia Pernas?

The husband name of Sofia Pernas is Justin Hartley.

What is Sofia Pernas Hip size?

Sofia Pernas hip size is 35 inches.

What is Sofia Pernas favorite book?

Sofia Pernas favorite book favorite book is Answering Why.

What is Sofia Pernas Favorite TV Shows?

Sofia Pernas Favorite TV Shows is Blood & Treasure.

What is Sofia Pernas Political Party name?

Party of Justice and Development, PJD.

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