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Simple Nail Art for Girls | MyInfoMaster

Have you any idea about simple nail art? Have you seen beautiful nail art girls? Are you searching for simple nail art, simple nail designs, easy nail art, easy nail designs, and other simple nail ideas?

Are you feel that you are tired of painting your nails in the same boring methods? Do you think about yourself that you’re not skilled enough to try other simple nail art? You have come to the best place! Here, you will find many simple nail art that you can do yourself very easily. Moreover, your nails will look more beautiful and playful than ever! You can Allow your manicure to complete your overall hands beauty starting from now!

This season is all about all beauty experimenting when it comes to nail painting. So, start so paying attention to the hottest fashion and chose which ones you will wear. You will find below a high variety of simple nail designs that are also en vogue just right now.

Besides choosing your nail polish in different colors, you can also buy simple nail paint accessories that are very easy to apply. In this way you combine them or place them on your beautiful nails will stimulate your best creativity and you could actually have great fun doing it!

Some of the beautiful patterns you can try are dots, lines and other super geometrical shapes. However, there’s interesting something for everybody! A few things that you have to consider before opting for a certain design are the tone of your nail skin, the shape and the length of your hand nails, and you can so on.

As for different colors, everything goes! Starting with super neon colors, all the way to pastel colors, you have many other options to choose from in order to transform the self look of your nails. Treat your hand nails like they are accessories and always make sure they’re trendy.

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1. iFancer 108 Pcs Dried Flowers Nail Art

NATURAL & HEALTHY: The nail art consist of dried flowers which are made from real premium beautiful natural flowers. Therefore, these dry flowers for your nails are very colorful, super, natural, realistic, Eco-friendly and much healthy.

EASY TO USE: According to helpful instructions, just a few easy and simple steps, you will get a different, unique and charming nail style. These dried flowers for your nails are suitable for any natural or other artificial nails, salon & home use.

How to Use:

  1. First of all you will Measure and cut the nail art dried flowers according to your desired size.
  2. Now, Soak the nail dried flowers in normal water for 1-4 minutes.
  3. Prepare your nails with a base coat, and dry under UV lamp or any fan.
  4. Then Apply nail polish, dry it slightly under UV lamp, but do not completely dry.
  5. Now Apply the prepare small dried flowers on your nails by normal tweezers, and let dry it under UV lamp.
  6. Now this process is complete and you can Seal with top coat and dry under UV lamp completely.


  • These dried flower set contains 2 boxes of 3D flowers for users nails, 1 product of instructions.
  • Box 1 contains 4 types flowers in beautiful 48 colors; total about 48 peace of nail art flowers.
  • Box 2 also contains 1 type of flower in 10 different colors; 1 type of leaf in 4 natural colors; total about maximum 60 pcs nail art of flowers and leaves..


  • Be careful, because these dried flowers are so delicate.
  • The dried nail flower collected from a farm, sometimes the color and size of these flower petals will change a little.
  • Due to some manual dispensing, there may be some errors in the number of flowers and sometimes in leaves.

iFancer 108 Pcs Dried Flowers Nail Art

  • Real natural flowers nail art
  • Beautiful Nail decoration for home and salon
  • Very easy to use and durable
  • Valuable and discount offer available
  • Different style and simple design art plate

View on Amazon

2. Whats Up Nails – B048 Simple Stamping Plate

Stainless-steel stamping plate: This simple nail art plate are very helpful for your beautiful simple nail art.Customers will receive 1 metal stainless-steel beautiful stamping plate with super white plastic backing. There are no Stamper and scraper included. Maximum Plate size are: 2 3/8in (60mm) x 4 3/4in (120mm).

Transfer design Template: You can easily transfer design template from your nail plate design to your nail using one your polish color. This plate can also be used for beautiful reverse stamping, you can just transfer image to stamper, fill outlines with your different varnishes or paint using a small brush or dotting tool and create your own great decal or small sticker!

How to Use:

    You can use this plate in this way:

  • Remove your new interesting stamping plate from its packaging and remove this plastic protective film from over the metal area. When ever you first receive your hopeful plate and after every use you should wipe or clean your plate with super acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover without using any harmful oils.
  • You can Quickly apply a thick layer of your pretty nail polish in a few cotes over the design you wish to stamp. Special stamping polishes are available but opaque nail polishes that do not dry very fast also work well. Try another nail polish if you are not getting results that you want.
  • Now Hold a simple plastic card very firmly at a 45 angle and so light scrape across the plate for removing extra polish. Try to only one scrape once, do not push your card to plate too hard and work as quickly as soon as possible to avoid drying.
  • Then Immediately after scraping, quickly transfer your required design to your stamper by firmly rolling one side to the design from one side to the other side or pushing once straight side into the design.
  • If your image does not print you may need to work very fast, scrape differently you can less pressure or used new angle, also prime your stamper (with acetone or other gentle nail file/buffer) or try another helpful and smart nail polish that doesn’t dry very quickly.
  • Now transfer the image from your stamper onto a nail with an oil free and perfect dry base super color. With a squishier stamper stroke the stamper straight to your nail, with other stamper heads it might work well to roll it once from one side to another side to transfer image. Remove extra nail polish from your skin and cuticles area by using a flat brush or simple cotton swab dipped in acetone or other nail polish remover.
  • When design is full dry on your nail, apply a full layer of fresh top coat with as few push as possible. Place a big coat at the cuticle and hold brush parallel to your nail during applying trying not to touch the nail with any bristles, this helps prevents you any smearing.

MODERN LOOK AND CONVENIENCE  APPEARANCE: Using this simple nail art you will get a modern look and beautiful convenience appearance.

Product Dimensions: This whats up nail plate are available with: 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches and shipping weight 1.6 ounces.

Whats Up Nails – B048 Simple Stamping Plate

  • Best company plate for nail art
  • Beautiful DIY stemping plate
  • Very easy to use and durable
  • Can used for many times
  • Different style and simple design art plate

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3. Mrsyel 12 Boxes Holographic Glitter Nail Art

12 Patterns Glitters for Nails Art: This simple nail art plate contains Multiple-Shapes: Butterfly, Flower, Diamond, Maple Leaf, Heart, Smiley Face, Star, Flower, Triangle etc, do your ideal nail art beautiful DIY sparkly glitter makeup.

Color Changeable: You can easily get shiny color when seen from different beautiful lights and different angles. Make your nails stunning and so luminous.

How to Use for nail art:

You can use with your nail polish, UV gel and acrylic nail,etc.

You should Clean the area of your nails, brush and base nail polish, place it onto your nails.

Use For: 

This nail decoration set gives you the super natural and shining you want for your nail decoration. 

It works very well for your nail art, decorating your cell phone, your lighter, clothes, shoes etc.

To avoid this beautiful glitters leaking out from the container, we use a heavy plastic film to cover each surface of product grids.

1-We suggest you first to take the integral 12 lids off this container.

2-Then you can Peel off this protective film, cover back the lids to this container.

MODERN LOOK AND CONVENIENCE  APPEARANCE: Using this simple nail art you will get a modern look and beautiful convenience appearance.

Wide Applications: You can use these beautiful flakes glitter to decorate your hand nail art, which fits for natural, super and false nails, suitable to use on the top of the nail paint, nail gel, and soak off gel, etc. Also works for card crafting, jewelry making, shoes, phone cakes, wallet, DIY scrap booking and perfect for all your sparkly crafting requirements.

Mrsyel 12 Boxes Holographic Glitter Nail Art

  • 100% satisafection nail art
  • Beautiful DIY Color changeable
  • Very easy to use and durable
  • Different color glitter art
  • Different style and simple design art

View on Amazon


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