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This post is about Jessica Alba Fun Facts. In this post you will know some fun facts about Jessica alba. Some interesting fun facts about Jessica alba given below:

1. At 13 years old, Alba was the first to make a movie appearance with her first film appearance in Camp Nowhere. As a young actress and actress, Alba also appeared in commercials on TV for companies like J.C. Penney and Nintendo.

2. Because the mother of Alba was a lifeguard Alba was capable of swimming before she was able to walk.

3. Alba isn’t convinced that her fame has done her any favors when it comes to creating and expanding her business. “A lot of people can be a celebrity; you don’t really have to have any talent to do that,” Alba spoke to the crowd of GrowCo to laughter and cheers. She then explained that having a brilliant idea was more important than having a great idea.

4. Alba is a generous person at heart, and has raised funds for numerous charitable causes. She was in 2005 when she gave her talents as an actor for free in order to raise funds for amfAR which is an AIDS research foundation.

5. In 2011 Alba was a key player in lobbying to support legislation known as the Safe Chemicals Act.

6. Despite her role with The Honest Company, she continues to perform. Alba plays a part in The Mechanic Resurrection which is scheduled to release in the year 2016.

7. Even although The Honest Company is only four years old, it is an estimated value of 1 billion dollars.

8. After having come up with the concept to create The Honest Company, Alba displayed her network-building abilities and solicited the help of professionals in the industry in order to “bring it to life.”

9. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of Alba’s top historical figures due to her perseverance.

10. Alba is urging you to be truthful with your customers as well. “Try to understand that people have been marketed to their whole lives, so try to be authentic,” Alba said in an recent interview video.

11. Alba suffered from a variety of illnesses as a young person such as pneumonia and an appendix rupture.

12. Alba created The Honest Company with only one idea in her mind: “Everything that touches you and your family–everything in your home–needs to be nontoxic, needs to be effective and beautiful to look at, and needs to be affordable.”

13. Alba’s father was employed in the Air Force when she was growing up, which led to her family having to move frequently.

14. It required Alba 3 years in search of the perfect partner for The Honest Company but it was worth the wait as her company has raised greater than 100 million dollars in capital. When she spoke to VCs, Alba realized that the majority of them had wives faced with the same dilemma in finding a brand they could be confident in.

15. Alba was well-known for her refusal to “bare all,” as numerous young stars did. She even threatened to take on Playboy at the time of her lawsuit after they used her image in the magazine without her permission. their March issue. She didn’t appear in the magazine, and was given an apology form Hugh Hefner.

16. Yes, there was a nude scene on the film Machete in the year 2010. Alba dressed in underwear which was removed digitally. Alba is very serious about her pledge to never doing a naked film and is said to have a no-nudity provision in her contract with her actors.

17. The year 1994 was the first time Alba got a role as a character in Flipper the PAX network’s reboot of the 1960s’ TV show. When filming began on location in Australia, Alba is reported to have received a string of threats via phone prior to being abducted from the filming location. According to reports the actress was later discovered safe within the vehicle’s trunk vehicle. But, she has been unable to answer any questions regarding the incident throughout the years.

18. Alba is a huge fan with Harley Davidson motorcycles.

19. Alba has had many experiences over the course of her 34 years.

20. Alba was an incredibly gracious person when she was “punk’d” in 2003 by Dax Shepard. Dax took her to an apparel store in complete nakedness as she attempted to shop. Luckily, it wasn’t an advertisement for Ashton’s popular television show.

21. Being an actress as well as a a celebrity, Alba was frequently ranked as one of the most sexiest women in the world by male-focused magazines and even landed the highest position in Maxim‘s”2001 “Hot 100 Babes List.” If she keeps winning “sexiest” accolades for her expertise in business and brains remains to be determined.

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