Interesting Facts About Jessica Biel

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Amazing Facts About Jessica Biel

  • Jessica Biel is a famous American producer, singer, and model, as well, in the eyes of many, an actress. As a young child, her parents frequently traveled across the US, including Connecticut, Texas, Woodstock, and then finally to Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jessica has owned two Justins throughout her life, but one of them has been around for a bit longer. Justin Biel is her brother. Justin Biel is three years older than his sister and has a remarkable success story in the business world.
  • Biel and her mom are incredibly close. Biel and her mother “have a blast” together, taking on adventures, traveling, and drinking wine. Since becoming a mom herself, Biel says she’s never been more thankful to her mother.
  • Jessica Biel is a feminist. She has participated in the last two Women’s Marches, painting herself purple to show support for the cause. On her Instagram, she explained her paint, saying she didn’t own anything purple that the marchers have asked its attendees to wear.
  • Jessica went to college for three semesters during her time at Tufts University and didn’t finish her studies. While at the university, she was also performing as a member of 7th Heaven at the time, which didn’t leave enough time for research or classes.
  • Jessica and Justin’s wedding wasn’t cheap and cost seven million dollars. It was one of the most expensive weddings at the moment. Their big day, in October 2012, was held in Italy. Jessica’s extravagant wedding dress was stunning and unique. The couple had a private home for the wedding, creating an inviting reception for their close friends and family. The wedding started with Justin singing for Jessica as she walked down the aisle. Then they danced until five at dawn. They took everyone on bikes the next day to travel around Italy together. This sounds like a dream marriage to be realized!
  • Although Jessica is actually older than Beverly Mitchell, Biel played her older sister in 7th Heaven. Biel is over a year older than Mitchell. The final episode aired on June 13, 2007; however, the two remain close. In reality, Jessica says she feels that Beverly is more than a sister in real life and was a bridesmaid at her wedding. After all these years, they still have a relationship.
  • Jessica and Justin are both avid cooks and showcased their cooking talents on Instagram. Yet, Jessica “takes the cake” when cooking by showing off the delicious Thanksgiving dishes she cooked.

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