Facts about Hollywood Actress Selena Gomez

Facts about Hollywood Actress Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez born on July 23, 1993, in Grand Prairie. Her struggle started with Disney and then she became from a Pop star to a super movie star. She has been very famous when she started dating with his boyfriend Justin Bier. She is super beautiful, good looking sexy, and radiant and she has a smile of a sweet angel. To grow up an amazing and super strong mature star, few interesting and effective facts about Selena Gomez are given below.

  •     Her star named after Selena, when the famous and beautiful Tejano singer who died 4 years after her birth. So we all know why she can a sweet sing like super nightingale.
  •     Disney selected Selena Gomez in a big Nation-wide casting call. She also gained Mickey Mouse and charming necklace as a gift and reward from Disney.
  •     Do you know the purple dinosaurs who are very beautiful and taught us new and helpful things? Well, Selena’s first practice was at “Barney and his Friends” at the age of 8.
  •     Selena and another sweet Disney star were (BFF) and met at the sets of “Barney and his Friends.” Both these young stars started hosting a YouTube show Demi and Selena Show but her show didn’t continue for a long time due to few reasons.

  •    Selena craze for dogs and she has owns 6 dogs. She also rescues them. Some of her dogs are Baylor, finer, hoppy, Wallace Chip Willy.
  •    Selena is a super star loves fashion. She has her own much clothing line, which she started in the year 2011. She tried to work at their clothing line by using many other factors.
  •     In the year 2008, Selena Gomez became the beautiful and youngest UNICEF member in the history of the world organization.
  •    Selena has told her unusual secret for keeping her health fit and smart. She told that, “Before I go on my field work, I drink virgin olive oil. It’s amazing, but it’s helpful for your health of your throat.

  •    The super star has some weird tastes as she pretty loves pickles and she always likes to invent a sweet pickle flavored gum.
  •    It is often said that Selena Gomez used to wear a beautiful small purity ring engrained with (True love waits) But this ring was not seen when she restarted dating her first lover Justin Bier.
  •    In the year 2011, the super star introduced her first sweet fragrance, Selena, which she told as hot Yummy and Romantic. It comes in a tall bottle and a funky top bottom.


  •    Selena was bullied in her first earlier and middle schools. She said that “It makes you a happy, determined and stronger person to change your cheek and go the other best and helpful way.
  •     So, you would be surprised to know that Selena loves her voice to Steve (Carrell’s) daughter in; Horton Hears; but she never want to meet him due to some reasons.
  •    She was the sweet voice of all 80 of the Mayor’s daughters in the super movie.Her golden album name is “Love you like a Love Song”. But she also has three other Golden albums.

  •    Selena always loves watching top horror movies and it all started when her dad insisted her for (Seed of Chuck) when she was just 8 years old.
  •     In the year 2015, Selena topped the earning people list of 15 highest-paid actresses. She had estimated combined earnings of $98 million.
  •     Selena Gomez won many award at the time when she was wearing a Nebo in Malibu, Free People out with a Bang Coat (Sold Out), and Balenciaga Square-Toe Block-Heel Boots.
  •    Her outfit’s style are different than other super stars.

  •     From 2004 – 2006, Selena was one of the resident kids on Barney & her little Friends. She had done a couple of Barney videos before that. By 2008, at twelve, she was considered too much old! And that was so that.
  •    It was the beginning of her best transition into a teenage Disney star. She never really to had a childhood actor.
  •    In 2015 Selena Gomez revealed that she had been also diagnosed with best lupus. As a result of sever complications from the severe disease, she had a kidney transplant in 2018.  


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