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Top Facts about High Protein Foods

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What is high protein foods?

A high protein food is food that consists all important nutrients which are useful for our health.Best Uses of high Protein foods for your health and fitness: Protein is consist on three macronutrients. Protein is not used as a major energy source and fitness, although we can get also some other benefits from it—protein provides 4 to 5 calories per one gram. But protein is often used to as a building blocker in the human and animal body, because of its main purpose to help in growth and development. Almost all animal-give us many products such as—meat, eggs, poultry, fish and dairy etc.—contain a helpful amount of protein, so we get it when we feel need.

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Types of high protein foods

Whey protein is most famous and useful high protein food.  Whey is one of the top most and famous type of protein powders on the market.

Casein is made from water-insoluble proteins that have been gain from milk.

 Other types are included:

  • Soy protein
  • Pea protein
  • Rice protein and Hemp protein
  • Egg protein etc

Fast and effective facts of high protein foods

Here are some helpful key points about high protein foods. More detail are as follows.

  • Protein is important for growth of our nails muscles and help to repair of our body cells.
  • Food sources of protein include fish, meat, dairy, lentils, tofu, beans, etc.
  •  Insufficient and poor uses of protein can lead to low growth and can causes weakened our immune system.
  • Excess uses of protein may lead to human weight gain and others liver problems.

What does high protein foods do?

High Protein foods is the main building blocker of the human body. It builds and maintains our body tissue.

During periods of muscles growth, such as infancy period, childhood, and female pregnancy, the body needs much protein.

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Protein needs also enhance for those people who,Have a medical surgery.Who consistently break down their muscle during exercise and heavy workout?

 Who have injuries?

How much do we need?

People can have aim to use a special amount of protein to obtain minimum protein use, for their muscle generation, and recovery for every time they eat for their health.

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According to the high and super Institute of Medicine (IOM), the need of protein is 0.7 g per kilogram of body weight per one day. It is the minimum amount of protein needed for meeting nutritional health, which are not the maximum.

But, this amount of uses protein depends on the person’s weight and body size and how active they are. A 5-foot, 26-pound man who strength trains four to 5 times a week so he can absorb and used more protein than a 5 to 6-foot female who does not exercise and much workout.

Heavy and strong athletes may need from 1.2 to 1.7 g per kg of weight, depending on the capacity of their exercise.Protein need for strength training athletes range from 1.2 to 3.0 g per kg of body their body weight.The other doctors suggest that between 11 and 36 percent of calories and helpful nutrients should come from 1 g protein.It is not clear known that how it will affect or not affect a person if they consume more than this range, it depend on type of protein which he have used.

High Protein Foods deficiency

A severe protein deficiency can lead death. In under developing countries, some people develop marasmus and kwashiorkor as a result of protein deficiency. It is a type of deficiency and malnutrition, and it is found during a famine age and teenager.Early signs of marasmus include swelling in the  foots, legs and possibly the face, due to edema, or fluid containing under the skin. The Other symptoms are included heavy belly weakness dry bad hair, and cracked bad nails. The people will be more infected to infections. In under developed countries, protein deficiency are include those people who do not eat properly food, for example, due to mismanaged weight loss nutrients, or in ability to cook their own healthy food, for example, when they are in older age.

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High protein Foods sources

According to the United States Department of food and Agriculture, the protein can be achieve in below things.Lentils and beans are a good and strong source of protein for those people who are vegetarian.

  • 2 ounces of ground beef contains 22g
  •  3 cup of milk contains 13 g
  •  1 egg contains 7 g
  •  2 cup of black beans contains 20 g
  •  2 teaspoons of peanut butter contains 7 g
  •  Half a block of beans tofu contains 17g


Fast food protein is a very necessary dietary nutrients, too much protein can be harmful for our body. Also, protein from the wrong and bad source can have major negative health issues. Not only does high food protein from animal based sources contribute can lead heart disease, but the baggage that it also carries with it, namely cholesterol and other saturated fat, significantly contributes to heart disease and liver diseases development as well.

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