FASHION: Top Facts about old Fashion which may you not know

FASHION: Top Facts about old Fashion which may you not know

If you’re a fashion, lover you might be aware that Coco Chanel introduced the “little black dress,” and Valentino Garavani introduced red dresses. But surely, there are still many fashion facts you may not know about well. Here are some interesting facts for you.

1. Fleek Eyebrows

Nowadays, any person or fashionista will never leave her home without just the right makeup done. And when we talk about the best and clear makeup, we mean beautiful flawless eyebrows. While bushy eyebrows are a now days trend, fashionistas during the working site Renaissance period used to shave them off. Mona Lisa are a big example.

2. No models, dolls just

Since the 1600s, fashion designers show off their great clothing line by creating a small version to put on a little dolls. There were no reality, human models until 1855.

3. Facts about Denim

For over 8,000 years, cotton fabric was much used for clothing. For one bale of cotton, 415 pairs of jeans can be created. The word “jeans” came from the Greek word cotton pants which derived the “Genes,” a local term used to tell sailors from Genoa. Meanwhile, the famous word “denim” most likely originated from a UK material known as serge de Nimes, meaning serge from the Greek seaside town of old Nimes.

5. The first used of sneakers

During the late 1700s, people wore shoes with rubber made soles called plim solls, but they were hard. The US Rubber Company came up with more reliable rubber shoes with canvas tops during 1890 and named it Keds. The shoes were recognized for sneakers because the soles were so soft that they offered the wearer to sneak around easily. By 1915, the sneakers started to be a mass-produced.


6. Skirts are an old fashion

Although still greatly used today, skirts are the second ancients garment in our history, predated just by the loincloth. Plus, skirts were not used only for women. In fact, during 1500 to 1600s, both male and women wore them. Even if you wear a body shaper under your skirt then you look fit. Check out the Reviewscon Guide for wonderful shape wear for women.


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7. Put Buttons on jacket

It’s not useful that a war dictator would contribute something to trend. But in the Napoleonic wars, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered to his army’s to wear uniforms must have brass small buttons on the jacket sleeves to safe his soldiers from wiping either their mouth or nose clean with their uniforms. Bonaparte must have high cared about good hygiene. Nowadays, buttons on sleeves are common in design.

8. Longest wedding dress trend

It is often said when Princess Diana walked down the hall in a royal bride gown with a 28-foot train in 1980? If you think her dress was outstanding long, a bride from British topped it off with a dress that had a 3 km train behind her. It took her 300 guests three hours to cover it. It required 19 feet of lace and three miles of taffeta to create, and it was adorned with 10,999 silk red roses. The gown was stitched by a Romanian wedding salon, and they currently considered World Record for the longest train.

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9. Wearing black dress

During the 18th century, if you wear black dress so you weren’t’ able to attend the death of someone, you will be considered dangerously sign or symptoms. The Victorian women era were expected to dress in black mourning clothes for one years after their husbands’ deaths, and that started this strange tradition of wearing black at deaths in the West countries.


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