10 Facts about the Burj Khalifa

10 Facts about the Burj Khalifa

In this article we will mentioned 10 intresting facts about burj khalifa. Burj Khalifa known as a star like attraction in Dubai. This building is so impressive that it is the reason why many tourists are attracted towards this place. There is a lot of information about Burj-Khalifa available in the internet and people have different reactions.

Here are a list of facts about burj khalifa.

  1. Some people are very happy with the structure of Burj-Khalifa. Some others are not satisfied with the way it looks. Some people feel very comfortable and happy to visit the Burj-Khalifa, some are very dissatisfied. There is no doubt that Burj-Khalifa has a very unique feature which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.
  2. The construction of Burj-Khalifa was started in the year 2020 by a Canadian firm called International Call Centre. They were able to build this building very quickly in a limited budget. During this time period, the firm made several modifications and added new features to make it more attractive. In total, there are around four million square feet of space which can be used for various purposes. According to the most of the facts about the Burj-Khalifa, the interior decor of the building is the best in the world.
  3. There are wide balconies which provide a very good view of the surroundings. The architects of this firm spent a lot of time and money to decorate the buildings very attractively. The floors are made up of marble, bricks and other natural stones. The floors also look very beautiful and attractive.
  4. The structure has many bathrooms inside which can be very hygienic and easy to clean. The kitchens of these buildings are also very modern and efficient. The floors have heating systems and air-conditioning units. The floors are also very attractive.
  5. The location of these buildings is very important. They are built so as to be convenient to the airport and the central business district of Dubai. These buildings are one of the oldest constructions in Dubai. The construction cost of these buildings is very low. So, they are economical and affordable.
  6. There are many people who are excited about this structure. They are happy with the price and the way the construction took place. They are happy with the fact that it is very modern. They also like the location because it is in a safe place. It is close to the Burj-Al-Arab hotel.
  7. A great fact about burj khalifa that many people are curious about the price of this construction. Some say that it is a great investment. Others think that it is not something that anyone should pay for. There are a lot of things to learn about the Burj-Khalifa. Some of the most interesting facts include the interesting details about the structure and the inside of the building.
  8. Burj-Al-Arab has a name that means “The golden mountain.” This is a very interesting name. This building is very big inside. There are many rooms in this building. The rooms have different features, and they are all very attractive.
  9. There are many people who visit Dubai on a regular basis. Many of them like to stay in hotels. Burj-Al-Arab was meant to provide an accommodation for these people. Some of them have even complained about the dirty interiors of the Burj-Al-Arab. They have mentioned about how awful the air conditioning felt inside the building.
  10. The other facts about burj khalifa are that some people have mentioned about the restaurant. Burj-Al-Arab has a restaurant. It serves meals of different tastes and varieties. Some of them are delicious. The restaurant has very old-fashioned chairs and table where people can eat with their loved ones.
  11. Most of the people who are staying in Burj-Al-Arab are from Europe. Most of them speak English. The majority of the employees inside the Burj-Al-Arab are highly educated. Therefore, there are plenty of things that one can see and do in Dubai.

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