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10 Most Popular Chinese Dishes

Chinese traditional cuisine is most popular and valuable all over the world. There are so many best Chinese restaurants everywhere and many people cook Chinese dishes on regular basis at home. Chinese meals are much famous among foreigners for their different colors, variety of ingredients and sweet flavors. They are also preferred for they’re quite easy to make in only a little time. There are many famous recipes that come from China and these Chinese old traditional dishes are loved by many people all around the world. This is a list of the best and delicious Chinese dishes known among foreigners.

Here are a great list of Chinese dishes such as:

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  • Dim Sums
  • Szechwan Chilli Chicken
  • Stir Fried Tofu with Rice
  • Chicken with Chestnuts
  • Honey Chilli Potato
  • Peri Peri Chicken Satay
  • Veg Hakka Noodles
  • Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Cantonese Chicken Soup
  • Hot and Sour Soup

1. Hot and Sour Soup

A piping hot bowl of sweet hot and sour soup on a wintry evening is all your requirements.Hot and sour soap is most favorite Chinese dish that are much liked by Chinese peoples.This sn’t it great to warm up with a little piping hot bowl of soup during the winter season? Here is a soup with a hot spicy and sour broth. It is made with the goodness of high mushrooms, cabbage, carrot and a flower spicy twist of some red peppers or white pepper and sour with vinegar.

2. Szechwan Chilli Chicken

This is second most delicious Chinese dish that is known as Fried chicken cooked with brown, green & other white peppercorns and some oriental spices.

A fiery delight and straight from the Sichuan region. It is loaded with high pungent spices like brown pepper. red chillies, ginger, little quality of green chillies and white pepper.

3. Dim Sums

An assortment of beautiful dumplings made with chicken and other prawns.One of the most loves street Chinese dish from the north west countries, widely popular across northern India now it comes to your kitchen! Small bite-sized rounds stuffed with small pieces of veggies or meat. Dim sums are great steamed snack to delight those evening cravings.

4. Stir Fried Tofu with Rice

It is perfect, light and yummy Chinese recipe for your next diet!A healthy rice recipe packed with the sweetness of mushrooms and other water chestnuts that are often used in Chinese dishes. Here is a delicious fried rice recipe dish that is also fast, filling and much flavorful. You can serve with a best gravy dish of hot garlic sauce.

5. Chicken with Chestnuts

It is most delicious Stir-fried mushrooms with best minced chicken, water chestnut and other radish along with a host of veggies and little sauces like date puree, fish sauce and the best Chinese classic soy sauce. This earthy Chinese recipe is good for a holiday feast.

6. Honey Chilli Potato

The quintessential most favorite Indo-Chinese snack! Honey chili potato is what you’ll find also at every Chinese van in and around west India. It has the good balance of sweet and spicy with small cutting sliced potatoes tossed with a host of sauces and brown spices.

7. Peri Peri Chicken Satay

It is best Chinese dish With an addition of fiery peri peri black  sauce, chicken satay is a mouth-watering great starter recipe to prepare at Chinese home. This is a dish prepared with Boneless chicken chunks marinated in a pool of little  spices and grilled to perfection.

8. Veg Hakka Noodles

A kid’s most favorite, veg hakka noodles is a perfect way to shove all the veggies down to beautiful your kid’s plate. Just toss up all your most favorite veggies like capsicum, carrot, spring seasons onions and cabbage in a tangy mix way of sauces and you’ll have a clear cut winner at the table!

9. Vegetable Fried Rice

An excellent way to use these leftover rice, veg fried rice is a sweet, delicious recipe with the greatness of veggies like carrot, cabbage, small or large beans along with baby corn, soy sauce, chillies and also garlic. Perfect lunch or dinner option.

10. Cantonese Chicken Soup

It is a hearty mix of chicken and a great mixture of different vegetables chopped into small pieces in heavy piping hot chicken stock.It is Packed with bokchoy, mushrooms, spring season onion and chicken, this heart-warming hot soup recipe is perfect for a chilly winter evening or night.


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