Top 5 facts about Arabian Horse

Top 5 facts about Arabian Horse

Are you want to know about Arabian horse?

Do you know facts about Arabian horse?

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In this post, we’ll tell you about some of the most beautiful best and interesting Arabian horse facts. We’ll discover just why Arabian Horses have been the greatest of attention for equine lovers for so severe years. One of the reasons for their popularity is their most humble yet hot-blooded Arabian Horse temperament which makes them more ideal for both domestication and other competitions.

With their delicately dished face and a sweet sound body, they are loved by many for their totally unique and distinguishing looks. Arabians are well-known for their owner-oriented nature and are one of the most loyal and sweet, loving horse breeds. Young Arabians horses are capable of far more than this as they are so incredibly intelligent and versatile; ready to adapt to severe situations. However, in our great list of facts about Arabian horses, we’ll go through a lot more than their super nature and their body structure.

Skeletal Structure

Here’s one of the beautiful craziest facts about Arabian Horses. The Arabian’s skeleton is so fairly unique because Arabian Horses are born with one to another lumbar vertebra, rib, and high tail bone.

So, Arabians have 19 ribs, 8 lumbar vertebra bones, and 19 tail vertebrae bones unlike the usual 15 ribs, 9 vertebra bones, and high 17 tail bones.

Although this might sound like a great heavy health disorder, Arabians are known for their distinctive genetic qualities and are still one of the healthiest loved horses’ breeds.

Most Arabians have a great fairly compact body with its denser bones. The lack of a tail bone accounts for their high tail best carriage which is considered an Arabian Horse breed characteristic. This gives the horse a great proud and sweet noble stature

Arabian Horse Origin

8000 years ago, the oldest Arabian horses are also known to have best originated from the Arabian Peninsula where they were greatly bred by Bedouins and Arabs peoples.
The primary purpose of these horse breeding Arabians was to train them to be as a war horses which were capable of long travels and strong, quick attacks on opponent camps.

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This worthy addition to the great Bedouins clan prompted them to take good care of their beautiful Arabians and so, this exquisite breed was always allowed to share the camp with its owner.
This close bond between owners and horse allowed the breed to become more incredibly intelligent and mostly human-friendly.

Arabian Horse Height

The height of an Arabian is estimated in the range of 1.6-1.5 meters which is roughly 18-15 hands at the withers (great shoulder of the horse.)

It is one of the most commonly the Arabian horse facts that these horses are often shorter in height when compared to other large horse breeds. This is because of the lack of a high pair of ribs and other tail bone, which elevates their back area but shortens their overall great height.

You might be wondering to know these facts:

Doesn’t this height range make the largest Arabian a pony?

The height of this Arabian does fall under the height range of a pony horse, it is still considered a high horse. This is due to their strongest masculine bodies and distinctive genetic features which are not found in horse breed.

Arabians have denser bones which makes them most high physically stronger despite their short height. Their strong bone density is one of the most reasons they are often compared to other stronger, taller horses.

Oldest Breed of Horses

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Skin and Coat Colors

Bay, chestnut, black, and roan are beautiful some of the most common coat colors for an Arabian pony horse. Regardless of its beautiful coat color, the skin of this Arabian horse is always remaining black.

Arabians are known for their great history and were used as traveling and war horses for the Arabs peoples. Traveling through the scorching heat of the sun site areas and carrying multiple passengers is usually a strongest venture.

Here’s where the black skin colors help:

In these harsh situations, the dark pigmentation colors of the Arabian’s skin actually helped them to avoid skin area damage.


There are many types of Arabian horse breed but above article we covered some interesting facts about Arabian horse. We hope you will like these facts.

Do You have any idea about Top 5 facts about Arabian Horse ?

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