Top Facts about American shorthair Cat

Top Interesting Facts about American shorthair Cat

American Short hair cat is medium to large cat that was developed from working cats that were brought to the USA by west settlers at the beginning of the 18th century. Short hair cats were used to keep all population of rodents on the ships under control areas and they instantly became popular among Americans because of their best and super hunting skills and ability to quickly eliminate other mice, rats, squirrels and small chipmunks from the farms, shops and houses. American Short hair cat was initially known as Domestic Short hair cats, but its name has been changed into American Short hair (in 1967) to facilitate identification of this top class purebred cat from the other short hair cats of unknown other different lineage. American Short hair is one of the officially first five officially recognized short hair cat breeds and the 8th most popular cat in the USA today. Despite its super hunting skills, it is mostly kept as companion cat now days.

Facts about American Short hair Cat

  • American Short hair cat can reach 9 to 13 pounds of weight.
  • American Short hair cat has so thick, dense coat that is available in more than 70 colors and various patterns. Coat can be pure white, grey, silver, cream, navy blue, reddish, golden, brown or dark black, or two- and tree-colored (silver tabby is the most famous)
  • American Short hair cat has an average lifespan of 18 to 20 years
  • American Short hair needs well-organized meals because it easily gains their weight.

  • American Shorthair cat is often healthy breed, but it can suffer from high level of cardiomyopathy.
  • American Shorthair gives almost birth to 5 to 8 kittens on average.
  • American Shorthair sheds necessary and it needs to be brushed for few times per week to save formation of knots.
  • American Short hair has also thick coat that is suitable for any outdoor living, but it is mostly kept as indoor side or areas cat today. Life inside the house make ensures good health and prevents potential and other heavy conflicts with other cats and large dogs, as well as heavy traffic accidents.
  • American Short hair is not feel any shy in front of the strangers and many guests.

  • American Shorthair is very easy-going, calm and so intelligent cat that is suitable for every families with children and other big cats and cat-friendly dogs. It is also an perfect choice for people that live so alone.
American Shorthair builds strongest and heavy bonds with their all family members, but it is not so clingy.
American Shorthair likes to play a games with its owners and with interactive and different puzzle toys. It can learn to perform different tricks. American Shorthair is able to entertain by itself by turning many household items into small toys.

American Shorthair is not easy to very vocal cat and it doesn’t create a big mess in the house when it is left on its own body. It likes to rest on the heavy and sometimes sunny windows and watch birds and other beautiful animals.

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They Are Also Born Hunters

  • According to animals history, the ancestors of American Shorthair breed have many travelled with European Pioneers on different Mayflower. Back then, they were also considered as hunters rather than small pets.
  • Also, what makes them more great hunters is the main element that required for hunting and patience.
  • This differentiates them from other beautiful cats, making them a great and much popular cat breed!

They come with such great Diversity

They are known to have more and various than eighty patterns, a myriad of sweet colors, and seven coat patterns!

Their heir coats are include:

  • Cream color
  • Reddish
  • Silver white
  • Cameo color
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Bluecream color
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Light Chinchill

However, the most common and the famous one’s are known to be light silver tabby, tortoiseshell, solid, and sometimes calico. There is large variation among this breed to choose from!


They are very easy to train

American Shorthair is always known to be a fun-loving sweet cat, as they love to interact others with their owners. Hence, they love to there activities and it is easy to train them!

Wow, what a great Personality

Great, American Shorthair is!It has an interesting and so amazing, affectionate personality. It loves to play and have more fun! The cat attaches itself to their family members and does not always require any attention, so it is considered to be a good family member or companion.

They are excellent athletic

American Shorthair’s overall look is so muscular and much powerful as they have a broad heavy strong chest, a well-developed muzzle, and strong heavy jaws.

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They are high Height-Lovers

Have you ever imagined a shorthair cat which is a so height lover?

American shorthairs just love to high jump around and find places that are very situated up high.If you ever come to across a situation where you are so unable to find your American Shorthair, then don’t forget to check the top level or areas of your fridge or your cabinets!

They are SO CUTE and beautiful!

Their physical appearance is really sweet, good and adorable as they have round faces and also a short ears. I am not at all surprised that they are so popular for their good looks.

They always love cleanliness and hygiene

American Shorthairs are  so clean cats.They love to keep themselves much clean and prefer that their litter area is maintained too.

They don’t have weigh a lot

The American Shorthairs are medium to large in body size and can weigh from 10 to 15 pounds.

They are Social Cats

They love to socialize as they are human being and animal-friendly animals. They can make friends in less time and have a sweet tendency to welcome new people in their friendship circle.

Their CAT-TANTRUMS are very easy to handle

If you own an beautiful American Shorthair, then you know what Its mean. Well, they are not much annoying and one can easily handle their small tantrums which can be related to food, exercise or little play.How often do they throw these small tantrums? Well, once in a blue sky moon!

They are So Dog-friendly

If you’ve watched lots of Tom and Jerry shows in your childhood, chances are that you much thought this was never possible. I, for one, always you can easily thought it was too good to be a true!

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Well, if you own an American Shorthair and plan to keep a dog too, then you don’t have to need worry as they easy get along with big dogs!

They have the tendency to play a games and even tolerate dogs, so that is a win- win also!

How to take care of your American Shorthair cats?

These are the must do different importent things that American Shorthair owners should do on daily basis to keep them healthy and wealthy!

  • Trim their nails at weekly basis
  • Clean their ears at weekly basis
  • Daily brushing for good dental hygiene
  • Keep their small box clean
  • Clean their eyes with a soft little damp cloth to avoid infections. (don’t use the same side of the small towel for both beautiful eyes as infections might spread in this a way.)


Have you seen any American shorthair cat on the way?

Have you any idea about care of American shorthair.If you have any idea about American short hair so, you can easily tell us in comment section.

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